Notecard Subscription

89 x 127mm, 3.5 x 5”   100% cotton, 110gsm.    Flat or folded, matching envelope.

A pair of notecards – one to keep, one to pass on. A new sentiment each month. Individually printed by hand using reclaimed foils on an antique press.


150 x 220mm,    5.9 x 8.7” 1400gsm, 100% recycled grey boxboard. Silver hardware. Edition of 50.

Supplied with,  Jotter, 50 sheets, Dot grid, white, 25 sheets, Dot gird, grey, 25 sheets.


135 x 200mm,    5.3 x 7.8” 360gsm, 20% recycled ecru white paper. 4 sheets.


125 x 190mm,    4.9 x 7.5” 45gsm, 60% recycled, light grey paper. 50 sheets.

Dot grid   White    Grey

125 x 190mm,    4.9 x 7.5” 90gsm, light warm grey or white paper. Light grey printing, both sides. 50 sheets.


125 x 190mm,    4.9 x 7.5” 90gsm, 30% recycled, white paper. Light grey printing, both sides.   52 sheets.


127 x 203mm,   5 x 8” Softcover, glue binding. Cover 300gsm,  white textured paper. Inner 90gsm, 100% recycled,  natural white paper. 96 pages, dot grid. Edition of 500.

Anyonegirl Waist 3.5

265 x 200mm,     86pp,    Interior: black,  white and brown.    Section sewn, linen tape spine.

Volumised as 3.5, not a definite 4, this issue is a tangential idea — a personal ode to the beauty of Accident, Improvisation and The Subconscious. 3.5 utilises dance as a tool, not for performance but for wellbeing.